15 of the Best Allergy Free Dip Recipes

Love dips but can’t find an allergy free dip to suit your needs? Or entertaining a crowd and need to cater to lots of different dietary requirements? You’ll love this collection of allergy-friendly dip recipes. They are free from common allergens, and also naturally vegan and gluten free. Made with delicious fresh ingredients, they are simple to make and can easily be adjusted for your allergies.

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Why make your own allergy-free dip?

Finding allergy-friendly dips can be a real problem when you have food allergies. So may of the popular dips contain common allergens. Dip ingredients include milk (including sour cream, yoghurt or cheese), nuts (especially cashews) and soy. Other dips contain sesame, like the ever popular hummus which is normally made with tahini.

By making your own dips, you can finds a recipe that is free from all of your allergens and has no worrying “may contain” statements. Fresh homemade dips also taste so much better.

Many popular homemade dip recipes still contain milk, egg, nuts, sesame, soy and wheat. But this allergy-friendly dip collection has recipes that use clever substitutions to make them free from top allergens. We’ve got all your favourites like Tzatziki, hummus and guacamole as well as a host of other delicious options.

Quick and easy dips or a little more effort required

Some of these delicious allergy free dip recipes are so quick and easy that you won’t even need a food processor. Just add the ingredients together in a bowl and mix to combine and go!

For the dip recipes that require blending, I usually try to get away with just using my Bamix (stick/immersion) blender, which is super easy to clean. Otherwise my Breville Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro food processor is perfect as it has a mini bowl attachment and micro blade, which is just the right size for a batch of dip.

Breville Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro

You’re sure to find a dip for every occasion in these allergy-friendly recipes.

Hummus without tahini

Fresh hummus made from chickpeas is a go to dip. It’s a versatile dip with delicious lemon and garlic flavours. But most traditional hummus is made with tahini – ground sesame paste – so is not safe for anyone with a sesame allergy.

This tahini free hummus recipe is full of flavour without the sesame. It’s also naturally gluten free and vegan, making it a safe option for many.

Fresh vegan guacamole dip

vegan guacamole dip in red patterned bowl with corn chops and coriander cilantro

Guacamole is a great option for entertaining when you need to cater to dietary requirements. This allergy-friendly guacamole is naturally gluten free, diary free and vegan too. Made with just a handful of fresh ingredients it’s healthy and quick to make.

The great thing about home made guacamole is that you can adjust the recipe to your taste. Add more chillies (peppers) if you like it more spicy, or leave out the garlic if you need to.

Frozen pea guacamole (“mockamole”)

Frozen pea mockale dip in grey bowl
Image: The Freezer Foodie

What if you don’t like avocado, or can’t eat it due to an allergy? Some people with latex allergy will also react to avocado. Never fear – this frozen pea guacamole (“mockamole”) comes to the rescue.

Made with frozen peas, this dip still has the authentic onion, chilli pepper and coriander flavours of avocado guacamole. It’s also really quick and easy to make and allergy-friendly.

Dairy free French onion dip

diary free fench onion dip in white bowl with crackers

French onion dip is another popular dip, but very hard to find made without milk. Vegan options, if you can find them, often use nuts to get the creamy texture.

This allergy free French onion dip uses dairy free cream cheese, dairy free sour cream, and homemade caramelised onions for a beautiful onion flavour.

It’s free from most top allergens, gluten free and vegan.

Refreshing dairy free Tzatziki dip

Dairy free Tzatziki dip in black and white bowl with fresh lemon and mint

Yes, Tzatziki is made with yoghurt, but there’s no need to miss out on classic Greek Tzatziki dip if you have to avoid milk. It’s easy to make your own delicious dairy free Tzatziki from fresh ingredients in just 5 minutes.

This easy dairy free Tzatziki dip recipe is not only free from milk, it’s also gluten free, allergy-friendly and vegan. Use it as a dip or as a sauce with your favourite Greek dish.

Baba Ganoush without tahini

Photo: Cooking Gorgeous

You’ll love this delicious Baba Ganoush without tahini from Cooking Gorgeous. This traditional middle Eastern dip has the wonderful smoky flavour of chargrilled eggplant (Aubergine) and red peppers, but leaves out the usual tahini (sesame paste). This makes it a safe option for those with sesame allergy who usually can’t have Baba Ganoush.

This tasty dip is also naturally dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

Allergy free olive tapenade without anchovies

allergy free olive tapenade in bowl with parsley and bruschetta

Did you know that tapenade is often made with anchovies? They are obviously salty, but also add some extra umami taste. But it means that it isn’t suitable for people with fish allergies or those who follow a vegan diet.

This fish free Kalamata olive tapenade is so quick and easy to make at home. Even without anchovies, the combination of ingredients in this vegan olive tapenade make it just as delicious. A great option for people with fish allergies, it’s also dairy and gluten free and is perfect for catering to guests with various dietary requirements.

Easy mushroom tapenade

Image: The Vegan Larder

If you love tapenade, you’ll also love this twist on the traditional version. This easy mushroom tapenade is made with two types of mushrooms as well as olives and capers for a beautiful flavour.

This easy recipe also doesn’t contain anchovies, so it’s suitable for vegans and people with fish allergies. And it’s dairy and gluten free too.

Lemon and white bean dip with herbs

vegan lemon white bean dip with herbs in yellow bowl with crackers and fresh lemon

Another really quick and easy dip to impress your friends is this easy lemon and white bean dip. It’s made from a handful of simple ingredients, including canned cannellini or butter beans. The secret is using lots of fresh herbs to compliment the lemon and garlic.

This creamy allergy-friendly dip is dairy free, vegan and gluten free.

Dairy and nut free basil pesto

dairy and nut free pesto in spoon and jar with fresh basil leaves

Traditional pesto is made with nuts (usually pine nuts or cashew nuts) and parmesan cheese, so it’s not a safe option for those with nut and milk allergies. Fortunately it’s easy to make your own with some clever substitutions.

This dairy and nut free pesto recipe tastes just like the real thing, but without the nuts and cheese. Allergy free, vegan and gluten free pesto can be used in so may ways, but it’s also delicious on a dips platter.

Simple vegan Skordalia – Greek garlic and potato dip

Vegan Skordalia Greek potato and garlic dip in red patterned bowl with bread

If you love Greek food, you can’t go past this delicious vegan Skordalia. This traditional style Greek potato and garlic dip pairs perfectly with Greek foods but also makes an amazing dip, especially served warm.

This allergy-free Skordalia recipe is dairy free, gluten free and vegan so you can easily cater to dietary requirements.

Fresh tomato salsa

Fresh tomato salsa in bowl with tomatoes and tortilla chips

Fresh tomato salsa is the perfect allergy-friendly dip. It’s so easy to make just by chopping and combining fresh healthy ingredients.

The great thing about making your own salsa is that you can adjust it to taste. Make it hot and spicy or mild. Chop it finely or leave it chunky. You can even blend it for a completely different texture.

This salsa recipe it is naturally dairy free, gluten free and vegan too.

Mango habanero salsa

Image: Non Guilty Pleasures

For a completely different take on salsa, try this delicious mango habanero salsa. This allergy free salsa combines sweet tropical mango with spicy habanero chilli for a taste sensation.

You can make this allergy-friendly salsa two ways. Serve as a chunky, zesty dip with fresh mango, or roast ingredients first and blend for a different flavour and saucy dip. Another great vegan and gluten free dip option to share.

Dairy free 5 layer dip

diary free 5 lawyer dip with corn chips
Image: The Urben Life

For a fun allergy free dip that looks impressive, try this dairy free 5 layer dip. It’s quick and easy to put together layering vegetarian refried beans, guacamole, salsa, shredded lettuce, and sliced olives.

You can cheat with store bought allergy-friendly dips to layer (after checking the ingredients carefully), or keep it all homemade with your own guacamole and salsa.

Mexican Chamoy dip

Mexican Chamoy dip in mason jar
Image: Unique Cooks

If you are looking for something different, try this authentic Mexican Chamoy dip. The wonderful flavours come from dried apricots, hibiscus flowers and chili.

This allergy friendly, dairy free and gluten free dip is perfect as a dip with chips, or enjoy it with any of your favourite snacks or as a sauce or marinade.

More allergy friendly recipes to try

We hope you’ve found some new allergy free dip recipes to try. For more delicious allergy friendly recipes, make sure you visit our recipe page. And don’t forget to subscribe for more allergy friendly cooking and practical tips for living with allergies.

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