SPIBelt: Best Way To Carry EpiPens and Asthma Meds On The Go (Review)

Are you looking for a convenient way to carry your allergy and asthma medications when you are out and about? Whether you are running, hiking, travelling or just don’t want to take a bag with you, SPIBelt is a great option. We’ll share how we use the SPIBelt running belts every day for carrying EpiPens and antihistamine, asthma spacer and inhaler, and other personal items – hands free.

SPIBelt running belt with EpiPens and antihistamines with denim jacket and striped stop

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What exactly is a SPIBelt?

SPIBeltTM is a brand of running belt worn around the waist. The SPI stands for Small Personal Items. And that’s exactly what it’s designed for: taking small personal items with you on the go.

These belts are made from comfortable elastic that’s easy to wear when you are out running, hiking or just want to go hands free. They have an expandable pocket (or two on the dual pocket SPIBelt) that can easily fit items like mobile phones and keys. Or for those of us with allergies and asthma, it’s ideal for carrying EpiPens and antihistamines or asthma inhalers and a small spacer. The SPIBelt holds items close to the body so they don’t bounce around, which makes them comfortable to wear no matter what you are doing.

We have adult sized SPIBelts, but they are also available in smaller kids sizes. The standard adult SPIBelt fits waist sizes from 25″ to 38″, but you can also buy a belt extender to increase the size. They don’t just come in black either. You can buy single pocket SPIBelts in different fun colours and designs for adults and kids. There are also dual pocket belts, which come with one large and one smaller expandable pocket.

How much can you fit in a SPIBelt?

They don’t look very big, but the stretchy expandable pockets are really quite roomy. I can easily fit my phone and keys inside. The pocket expands to 9″ x 4″ x 2″, which will even fit larger phones like an iPhone 15 Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

But what about medications? There’s plenty of room, even for annoyingly sized EpiPens. SPIBelt has been designed to carry medicines and medical devices. There are even options for carrying portable insulin pumps with a passthrough for cord access.

The standard expandable pocket easily fits 2 EpiPens and antihistamines, or a small asthma spacer and inhaler.

SPIBelt running belt with 2 EpiPens and antihistamine tablets
SPIBelt with two EpiPens and antihistamines

How we use SPIBelt for allergy and asthma medications

We have more than one SPIBelt in our house, and use them daily. We’ve opted for the Dual Pocket Pro SPIBelts, so we can carry medications in one pocket and other items like keys or phone in the other. Or allergy meds in one and asthma inhaler in the other.

NOTE: If you choose a Dual Pocket SPIBelt, be careful to chose the right one. The normal Dual Pocket SPIBelt has one 8x4x2″ pocket and one smaller smaller 4x3x2″ pocket. This smaller pocket is fine for keys or headphones, or an inhaler, but not enough for a spacer or EpiPens. The Dual Pocket Pro SPIBelt we have has two large pockets – one that expands to 6.5x3x2″ and the other to 8x4x2″.

In our house, one of us uses a SPIBelt for running with asthma meds. So we can vouch for the fact that it is very comfortable to run with. Items don’t bounce around and it doesn’t rub or chafe.

Our teen mostly uses the SPIBelt for carrying EpiPens, antihistamine and asthma meds when hiking or just going out and about with friends. It’s perfect for those times when you don’t want to or can’t take a bag or a backpack.

SPIBelt running belt with asthma inhaler and spacer with floral leggings
SPIBelt with asthma inhaler and spacer

We also use SPIBelts for travel. It’s a great way to keep your emergency medications safe and close at hand. (Just remember to take it off for airport screening and put it through for scanning with other personal items and bags).

Times we don’t use a SPIBelt

The only time we don’t usually use a SPIBelt for EpiPens is in really hot weather. We’re conscious of making sure our autoinjectors don’t get too hot. Carrying them close to the body in very hot weather isn’t ideal. In very hot (or very cold) weather we use an insulated case instead, and carry that in a purse or backpack. You can find out more about keeping EpiPens at the right temperature in our EpiPen guide.

More helpful tips for managing EpiPens and asthma medications

A SpiBelt is just one way to carry EpiPens. For more ideas, check out our EpiPen carrying ideas for teens. Also be sure to read our guide to making friends with your EpiPen, with everything you need to know about storing, caring for and using your adrenaline autoinjector. You might also like to read our comparison of EpiPen vs Anapen and which one people prefer.

If you are considering SpiBelt for your asthma medications, be sure to read our post about why you should use an asthma spacer. It has some helpful ideas for smaller sized spacer options that are easy to carry.

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