Vitamin D and food allergies: The “Vitality” Study

1 in 10 babies born in Australian today will have a food allergy. Allergy experts are trying to find the reason why we have such a high rate of food allergy and what we can do to reduce the risk.

Imagine if taking a common vitamin helped prevent food allergies?

Allergy rates are higher in countries that are further away from the equator, like Australia. Vitamin D might be a factor?

You can get involved and help find out.

Tablets and pills shaped into a question mark on a yellow background with text "Food allergy and Vitamin D" the Vitality Study

The Vitality Study – How you can help with research about preventing food allergies

Researchers at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute are investigating the relationship between Vitamin D, food allergies and immune function in infants.

If you live in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and have a new baby (6 to 12 weeks old) who is predominantly breastfed, you may be able to take part in this study. Some babies won’t be eligible (for example if they were born early, weigh less than 2.7kg or have a significant health issues).

Participating will involve:

  • an initial home visit;
  • completing 4 online surveys during your baby’s first year;
  • a free allergy test appointment at the Royal Children’s Hospital when your child turns one; and
  • giving your baby one drop of either a vitamin supplement or a placebo every day.

Watch a video from allergy researcher Dr Kirsten Perrett about the study, find more information and register your interest on the MCRI Vitality Study website:

You can also read the MCRI’s media release about the study.

The Vitality study is accepting participants now through until July 2021. Researchers are aiming to enrol around 3500 babies in the study.

If you think you might be eligible, go the study website to find out more.

Be part of something that might help children in the future avoid food allergies.

We’ll be watching out for the results of this study with great interest.

If you can’t participate in this study but are interested in supporting the work of MCRI’s Centre for Food Allergy Research, check out our fundraising post for more information: Allergy Fundraising

Vitality Study Update – March 2022

While the Vitality Study started in 2014, the study is ongoing and is still recruiting. You can still get involved and make a difference in this exciting allergy research about food allergies and Vitamin D.

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