10 best EpiPen bag tag styles for all ages

If you carry an EpiPen (or other autoinjector) for severe allergies, how do you let other people know? An EpiPen bag tag or key chain is ideal. You can attach one to your EpiPen carrier or medicine bag, put one on a child’s backpack for school or day care, or put it on your key ring. When used together with a medical alert ID bracelet or necklace, an EpiPen bag tag can:

  • serve as another visual alert that you or your loved one has a serious allergy;
  • help people find your EpiPen quickly in case of emergency; and
  • as an added bonus, it can remind you to make sure you take your EpiPens with you wherever you go.

EpiPen bag tags and key chains are available in so many styles, there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favourites.

Red medical bag, EpiPen and yellow key chain tag with text "10 best EpiPen bag tags and key chains"

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Unique EpiPen bag tags with style

I personally love this “EpiPen in Bag” acrylic keychain by Etsy seller GetKarriedAway.

The wording and the EpiPen shape sends a clear message about where to find your EpiPen, but it also has just the right amount of sparkle and bling. The tassle is a great finishing touch.

This would be perfect for either keys or as a bag tag.

For something a little different, this engraved wooden keyring from Craftycowengraving is a great option for an EpiPen bag tag.

The message “ALLERGIC I carry and EpiPen” is laser engraved onto a piece of beech wood. An effective safety message with a bit of character.

Practical EpiPen bag tags and key chains

Simple can often be best when it comes to staying safe. This EpiPen bag tag by Bright Star Kids simply states in bold red and white “Epi-Pen located inside”. It is very clear and easy to read. Even better, Bright Star Kids alert tags can be fully customised with your choice of icon, colour and wording.

These mini tags can be used as keyrings, or bag tags or attached to a pencil case zipper, or anywhere else you need to attach them. Measuring 3cm wide x 5.6cm high (1.1″ x 2.2″) they are a really practical solution.

Another great Etsy find: these “EpiPen Inside” zipper pulls from MedicalAlert.

I really like the clear design on these with the red medical alert symbol and the picture of the EpiPen. You can choose from 2 sizes, black or white backing, and the seller also has an option with an alternative lobster clasp attachment. They come in a handy pack of 2.

If you are specifically looking for a keyring or keychain tag, this one from PrettynPreciousStuff is great.

It has a sturdy traditional split ring for attaching your keys. The medallion is made from metal alloy with glass glued over the text to protect it. And the message is really clear: “I carry an EpiPen” with the large text, the EpiPen graphic and the medical alert first aid symbol.

Red medical alert reversible write on key chain for EpiPen
Photo: MediBand

Mediband have a really practical keychain option that would work well for a keyring or an EpipPen bag tag.

This silicone medical alert reversible write on key chain has the medical alert symbol and text, but has space on the back to write the message you need. For example, you could state your specific allergy and write EpiPen in bag.

The bright red colour and medical alert text makes this one hard to miss too.

If you are after something really durable and practical, this EpiPen Inside tag is made from surgical stainless steel.

It is double sided with an easy to use clip that could be used to attach to bags or, medical pouches.

The clear message and medical alert symbol make this a good choice.

EpiPen bag tags for kids

The fun EpiPen key chains from DixieDesignCo would look great on a nappy/diaper bag.

These handmade tags are made to order. You can get just the EpiPen, or add a customised allergy tag as well.

I love the glitter backing and the visual design of these.

Epipen and Inhaler Enclosed Epipen Epipen Tag Epipen | Etsy
Photo credit: MandysJoys

Another great handmade option is this “EpiPen and inhaler enclosed” tag from MandysJoys on Etsy.

This EpiPen bag tag is made from marine vinyl with machine embroidery. It has a split ring key ring to easily attach to bags, zips, medicine cases and more.

This has lots of positive reviews. One reviewer says her son uses it on his backpack, attaching the tag to the zip on the actual pocket the EpiPen is kept in. I am going to use that idea too.

A fun option for younger kids is this EpiPen Inside bag tag from TSNDigital Designs. This one has a friendly dinosaur and peanut allergy alert and comes in a range of colours.

This Etsy seller has a range of options available for different allergies and asthma in the shop. The cute designs come with everything from unicorns to giraffes, so there is sure to be something your child will love to have on their bag.

More ways to stay safe and alert others to your allergies

An EpiPen bag tag or key chain is another layer to use to keep yourself safe with allergies. Another important step is to wear a medical alert ID to make first responders aware that you have a severe allergy. Whether you prefer a medical alert bracelet, necklace, dog tag or a silicone wrist band, there are so many options available now for adults and children. Find a list of some of our favourites here: Our pick of the latest Allergy Medical Alert IDs.

You can also record your allergies and emergency contact on your smart phone. This medical ID information can be accessed even when your phone is locked. See our post How to share emergency allergy medical ID on your phone to find out more.

For more information about looking after your EpiPen or other auto injector, and why you should always carry two, make sure to read our detailed guide, Making friends with your EpiPen.

If you are looking for an EpiPen bag tag for your teenager, you may also like to see our suggestions for EpiPen bags for teens.

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