Must have allergy friendly cookbook for quick and simple baking

If you buy just one allergy friendly cookbook, there are good reasons to choose this one. Linda Bosnic’s One Bowl Allergy Free Baking is the book I reach for every time when I want to create something quick and tasty for a treat for our multiple food allergy household.

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Review: Brilliant little book for allergy friendly baking

I’ve owned this book for over 10 years and I bake something from it nearly every week. Why is it the cookbook I use most? Because it fits well with my allergy cooking philosophy.

Allergy friendly food doesn’t need to be complicated.

No doubt you’ve done the same as I have. Googled “allergy friendly” biscuits, cakes or slices, only to come across endless recipes with strange flour substitutes or ingredients you can only buy at a health food store.

Linda’s recipes aren’t like this at all. The recipes use everyday ingredients like:

  • self-raising flour, or substitute gluten free flour if needed
  • soy milk, or substitute any other non-dairy milk that suits your needs
  • Nuttelex, or any other dairy free spread

And you don’t need any special kitchen utensils either.

All of the recipes are nut, egg and dairy free and many can be adapted for those with wheat allergy or gluten intolerance.

What’s in the book?

It all starts with a foreword from the Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field.

The introduction to the book includes some helpful tips for making sure the recipes are quick and easy. This includes helpful baking tips for recipes with and without gluten. Linda even includes handy notes on ingredient substitutions if you need to adapt the recipes further to accommodate your allergies.

Then comes the fun part – 100 fast and easy recipes to get you baking. These are divided into sections:

  • one bowl and 15 minutes
  • one bowl plus a saucepan and 20 minutes
  • one bowl and 30 minutes
  • one bowl plus a saucepan and 30 minutes
  • fast desserts
  • little extras

Our favourite recipes include the super simple coconut cake, banana cake, jam butter drops, orange muffins and banana bread. These are all in the first section – one bowl and 15 minutes – which is probably why they are so popular with me! The gingerbread and scones are delicious as well.

And you can read about how I’ve tweaked Linda’s fabulous dairy and egg free pancake recipe here: Easiest ever allergy friendly pancakes

The little extras include recipes for sauces, icing/frosting and even how to make your own soy condensed milk.

Allergy friendly cook book with recipes for Jam drops, pancakes, banana bread and muffins

About the author

Linda is a passionate cook from Melbourne, Australia who started baking allergy friendly treats for her family after her nephew was diagnosed with multiple severe food allergies.

Where to buy

I highly recommend this for anyone who bakes for people with allergies. For a host of recipes that really are quick and easy, you can purchase your copy online from Amazon.

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