10 Easy Allergy Friendly Christmas Treats to Share

Christmas and holidays means celebrations with family and friends. When you have food allergies it can be hard to navigate Christmas parties and gatherings. We’ve put together a collection of delicious recipes for allergy-friendly Christmas treats to share. Whether you have food allergies or need to cater to others, these sweet treats are sure to be a hit. They also make great Christmas gifts.

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Reasons to make allergy friendly Christmas treats

Christmas and the holidays are filled with parties and special occasions that often include food. So many of the popular sweet Christmas treats are off limits for people with food allergies. They often contain wheat, gluten, milk, egg and nuts just to name a few.

By making your own sweet allergy friendly Christmas treats, you can make sure that you have something safe to enjoy and share with others if you are asked to bring food to share. Or if you are hosting an event, making some of these delicious allergy-friendly recipes will help you cater to those with special dietary requirements.

Allergy friendly treats make great gifts

Homemade Christmas treats are a popular gift for friends and family. Unfortunately many people give gifts that can’t be enjoyed because of common food allergens. For a really thoughtful gift, why not make some allergy-friendly treats instead?

These allergy friendly recipes are perfect for filling decorated mason jars, wrapping in cellophane bags tied with Christmas ribbons or filling a Christmas tin as a homemade gift. When gifting homemade cooking, it’s a great idea to include an ingredient list too.

Here are some of our favourite sweets, slices and cookies to make this holiday season.

Dairy free ‘rum’ balls

gluten and dairy free rum balls in red glass dish with silver Christmas stars

Rum balls are a traditional Christmas food, but also a great treat at any time of the year. Usually they are made with condensed milk and crushed biscuits, which means they can be off limits for people with milk, wheat and other allergies. This simple recipe makes delicious gluten and dairy free rum balls that are ideal for sharing.

These delicious chocolate rum balls are a perfect family treat, as they don’t actually contain any rum or alcohol at all. They are also so easy to make, which makes them a great Christmas treat to make with your kids.

Glute and dairy free shortbread cookies

diary free shortbread Christmas cookies in Christmas tree dish

Traditional shortbread is made with flour and loads of butter, meaning it isn’t suitable for people who can’t have gluten, wheat or dairy. Or for people who follow a vegan diet.

Our delicious 4 ingredient allergy friendly shortbread recipe is dairy and gluten free as well as vegan. It’s perfect to enjoy with family and friends or give as a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Nut and dairy free Christmas rocky road

Allergy friendly nut and dairy free Christmas rocky road pieces in a Christmas dish

Our nut and dairy free Christmas rocky road is a family favourite for the holidays. Made with allergy friendly dairy free white chocolate, marshmallows and red and green lollies (candy), it also looks the part.

This twist on traditional Christmas rocky road is free from dairy and nuts, making it a safe option to share. It’s also suitable for vegans. And it tastes delicious too.

Dairy free Christmas Oreo truffles

dairy free Oreo truffles with Christmas decorations on Christmas dish

3 ingredient Oreo truffles are an easy treat to make, but usually contain diary in the chocolate and cream cheese.

Our easy recipe for dairy free Christmas Oreo truffles uses dairy free cream cheese, Oreo cookies and allergy friendly chocolate instead. Decorate with crushed candy canes or Christmas sprinkles for a festive touch.

For a gluten free version, you can use gluten free Oreo cookies.

Dairy free white chocolate crackle slice with glace cherries

Vegan nut and dairy free white rice crackle slice with glace cherries in red Christmas dish with gold bauble

You’ll love this easy no bake recipe. Our delicious dairy free white chocolate crackle slice with glace cherries is a festive treat. It’s a little bit like a white chocolate crackle or rice krispie, and a little bit like traditional white Christmas slice.

The best part is that our slice is made free from top allergens, including dairy, nuts and gluten. And it’s suitable for vegans too. Sweet glace cherries makes this red and white slice perfect for Christmas and holiday celebrations.

Best vegan cookie recipe

Vegan egg and dairy free Christmas cookies

A great option for Christmas cookies is to make a batch of our best egg and dairy free vegan cookies and give them the festive touch.

This delicious allergy-friendly basic cookie recipe is simple to follow and easy to adapt to make lots of different varieties and flavours. Make dairy free, egg free, nut free and vegan cookies or biscuits with a gluten free option. Add some Christmas flair with red and green sprinkles, crushed candy canes or cherry toppings.

Easy gluten, nut and dairy free coconut lemon balls

vegan gluten and dairy free coconut and lemon balls in glass dish with fresh lemon

For another simple no bake recipe, try our delicious allergy friendly coconut lemon balls. Sweet and lemony, these are just like a lemon slice made with crushed biscuits and coconut condensed milk. As well as avoiding allergens, these are vegan friendly too.

Coconut lemon balls are perfect for Christmas gifts. They look fabulous wrapped or in a jar with Christmas ribbon.

Gluten, nut, egg and dairy free chocolate slice

nut, gluten and dairy free chocolate slice in white dish

There’s no need to miss out on easy, no bake sweet slices because of food allergies. This delicious, fudgy dairy free chocolate slice is an allergy-friendly take on traditional chocolate hedgehog slice, but without the nuts and milk. It’s also gluten free and suitable for vegans.

This is recipe is so easy to make and is perfect for sharing at Christmas.

Allergy friendly lemon slice

gluten and dairy free lemon slice on yellow dish

Our gluten, nut, egg and dairy free lemon slice is one of our most popular recipes. It’s an allergy-friendly version of your favourite traditional lemon slice, topped with lemon icing and coconut.

This sweet and tangy lemon and coconut flavoured slice is simple to make, no bake and perfect to share with everyone, including those with food allergies or with other dietary requirements.

Coconut and maple dairy free fudge

gluten and dairy free white chocolate maple fudge in white dish

Fudge makes a wonderful holiday treat. This deliciously creamy coconut and maple fudge is so good it’s hard to believe that it is dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

Made with a base of dairy free and allergy-friendly white chocolate and coconut condensed milk with a hint of maple syrup, it has a wonderful caramel flavour.

This fudge recipe is also super quick and easy: all in one pot and no boiling or candy thermometer required!

More allergy friendly recipes for Christmas

If you are entertaining this holiday season, you’ll love our collection of allergy friendly dip recipes. These delicious crowd pleasers are all made without ingredients like nuts, sesame or dairy that are often found in store bought dips.

Make sure to visit our recipe page for more delicious allergy friendly recipes. And don’t forget to subscribe for more allergy friendly cooking and practical tips for living with allergies.

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